Vector Editing in 2D and 3D

Conform Use Case

Use Case Overview

The Conform user creates a high quality 3D city scene generated from large vector shapefiles. Operating in both 2D and 3D views, the user edits vectors as building objects, mends a disconnected road network, and digitizes a new building footprint. Throughout the editing process, the two views remain in sync.

Functions Showcased

  • Model large vector datasets in 3D
  • Building Procedural Model Generation (PMGS)
  • 2D and 3D vector edit synchronization
  • Edit attributes with direct response in 3D
  • Vector digitization and building object creation

Additional Functions


Demo Procedure

Generate 3D City Scene:

  • Display polygon layer as Buildings
  • Assign building Height to Source Attribute
  • Select random building texture scheme (PMGS)
  • Display polyline layer as Enhanced Roads
  • Customize lanes and style (city, suburban, highway, etc.)


Edit Vectors with 2D/3D Synchronization:

  • Align Buildings With Imagery
    • Click and drag to relocate and rotate building objects
  • Edit Specific Building Height
    • Select Identify Tool to determine building ID
    • Navigate vector attribute table and edit record
    • Alternatively, manually stretch building in 3D Preview
  • Correct the Transportation Network
    • Select polyline and implement Vertex Edit Tool
    • Drag and Snap vertex to network bound polyline endpoint
    • Correction is generated in 3D


Digitize New Buildings:

  • Select Create Polygon Tool
  • Create vertices in 2D
  • Double click last vertex to complete polygon
  • Building automatically renders in 3D
  • Stretch building or enter desired height in attribute table
  • Save layer edits
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