Viewpoint Synchronization and ArcMap Compatibility

Conform Use Case

Use Case Overview

The user will demonstrate Conform’s viewpoint synchronization and ESRI ArcMap compatibility by editing geodatabase layers in both clients. These features are designed to increase collaborative productivity, allowing team members to guide each other to areas of interest and edit shared data. In order to showcase these features, the user will digitize vectors, display them as 3D building models, and assess viewshed impact in Conform’s 3D Preview.

Functions Showcased

  • Activate Conform Synchronization Server
  • Share viewpoints in Conform and ArcMap
  • Edit geodatabase layers in both clients
  • Save edits and automatically update changes in both clients

Additional Functions

  • Connect to ArcSDE
  • Read and write feature data to an ArcSDE geodatabase stored in a Relational Database Management System (RDMS)


Demo Procedure

Synchronize Client Viewpoints:

  • Launch Sync Server
    • From Tools menu select Launch Sync Server
    • Enter Listening Port (default 12436)
    • Launch
  • Connect to Sync Server
    • In Conform click joystick icon
      • Enter Sync Server address <ip>:<port>
      • Enter username
    • Repeat process in ArcMap (identical icon)
  • Force Control
    • From Sync Server Toolbar click red record button
    • Allows users to take control of shared view
  • Note: ArcMap Sync Server Toolbar will automatically install upon Conform installation


Edit Shared Geodatabase:

  • Import geodatabase layers into Conform and ArcMap
  • In ArcMap
    • Select Editor Toolbar and Start Editing
    • Select vector layer and digitize new buildings
    • Save Edits and Stop Editing
    • Plugin refreshes Conform and edits are rendered
  • In Conform
    • Select vector layer and Start Editing Layer
    • Choose Edit Vertex Tool and perform edits
    • Save Current Changes and Stop Editing Layer
    • Plugin refreshes ArcMap and edits are rendered


Inspect Viewshed Changes:

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