Procedural Terrain Processing

Conform Use Case

Use Case Overview

The Conform user recreates a natural environment in 3D using Procedural Terrain Processing (PTP). This feature allows the user to control the distribution, density, and frequency of surface materials and 3d models. The completed scene is ready for export to game engine and simulation formats.

Functions Showcased

  • Procedurally model natural terrain
  • Create terrain distribution range by DEM elevation or slope
  • Define PTP areas by polygon feature class
  • Add 3D geology and vegetation models
  • Fine tune the density, range, and frequency of 3D models
  • Layer materials to create real world textures

Additional Functions

  • Edit realistic borders and boundaries between textures
  • Utilize alpha channel to control model scatter
  • Assign Surface Material Code (SMC) and Feature ID (FID)
  • Export to interchange formats for game engines and simulations


Demo Procedure

Create Base PTP Environment:

  • Define Base Material for unassigned areas
  • Set range of Base Material
    • Edit Material Definitions
      • Create elevation levels
        • Allows the user to restrict certain materials to elevation range
        • User may also set an acceptable slope range



Define Terrain by Polygon Area:

  • Digitize or import vector layers
  • Order polygon layers in Project Browser for correct visibility
  • Select Layer Properties and Enable PTP
  • Choose layer Coverage Definition from .yml library


Customize Models and Materials:

  • Add Rock and Vegetation Models
    • Select Coverage Definitions
    • Choose Edit and select Scatter
    • Add Model
    • Manipulate density, range, and scale
  • Create Realistic Ground Texture
    • Select Material Definitions
    • Choose Textures
    • Add Material
    • Edit Noise Weight to expose texture layers
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