Procedural Model Generation

Conform Use Case

This demonstration uses Conform’s Procedural Modeling Generation System (PMGs) to create high quality 3D buildings. This feature allows users to build geotypical buildings based on GIS footprints and attributes.

Functions Showcased

  • Model polygon vector layers as 3D buildings
  • Set building height to layer attribute
  • Edit and evaluate PMG scripts with PMGL Inspector
  • Manipulate fidelity and input attributes of building models
  • Apply random building schemes to large shapefiles

Additional Functions

  • Apply imagery as building roof texture
  • Export individual 3D models from PMGL Inspector
  • Export complete scene from Conform


Demo Procedure

Implement PMG with Vector Attributes:

  • Create 3D building models from shapefile attributes
    • Open vector layer properties
    • Click Include in 3D Preview
    • Set Building Height to Use Source Attributes
      • Choose preferred height attribute
    • Set Scheme to Use Source Attributes
      • Choose PMGS
  • Assign building generation schemes
    • Open shapefile attribute table
    • Select Make Layer Editable
    • Enter script name into PMGS column of building record


Analyze Script Generated Models with PMGL Inspector:

  • Raise or lower Fidelity to control complexity of model geometries
  • Alter model input attributes
    • Customize building features (windows, doors, pillars, etc)
  • Control texture layer visibility
    • Apply dirt maps to create aged building appereance
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