Conform Use Cases


Procedural Model Generation System

Create high quality 3D buildings with Conform’s Procedural Modeling Generation System (PMGs). This feature allows users to build geotypical buildings based on GIS footprints and attributes.


Building Texture Editor

Apply street level imagery as texture for building models. Utilize aerial imagery as rooftop texture for all building models in a footprint vector layer. Imagery draped building models can be exported to game engine and simulation formats.


Vector Editing in 2D and 3D

Create a high quality 3D city scene generated from large vector shapefiles. Operate in both 2D and 3D views to edits vectors as building object, mend a disconnected road network, and digitize new building footprints.


Sync Server and ArcGIS Compatibility

Operate with viewpoint synchronization and ESRI ArcMap compatibility. These features are designed to increase collaborative productivity, allowing team members to guide each other to areas of interest and edit shared data.


Export to Cesium

Create a 3D city scene and export to Cesium file format. Configure general build options and Cesium tile dimensions. View completed products in a local web server.


Export for Unreal

Export a Conform built scene to WavefrontOBJ format for use in the Unreal Engine. Configure build settings and tile dimensions. Run the build and import the created scene into Unreal.


Procedural Terrain Processing

Recreate a natural environment in 3D using Procedural Terrain Processing (PTP). This feature allows the user to control the distribution, density, and frequency of surface materials and 3D models. The completed scene is ready for export to game engine and simulation formats.


Elevation Editor

Employ Conform’s Elevation Editor tool to maintain an existing Digital Elevation Model (DEM). User can smooth out elevation errors and updates an existing dataset to reflect new physical features.


Generate a Validate Report

Learn how to generate a full Validate Correlation Report.


Examine a Validate Report

Learn how to examine a Validate Correlation Report.

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