Exporting for Unreal

Conform Use Case

Use Case Overview

In this demonstration, the user configures a Wavefront OBJ build and exports a 3D scene from Conform. The completed scene is imported into the Unreal Engine.

Functions Showcased

  • Configure an OBJ build and select tiles from map
  • Export to OBJ file format
  • Import to Unreal Engine

Additional Functions

  • Build to FBX, FLT or Cesium output formats for game engines, simulations, and geodesign applications

Configure Build and Exporting:

  • Build tab > Build Configurations
    • General
      • Click Add
      • Name the export, define the Output Root, and select Ground Texture Source
      • Configure desired settings
    • Tile Organization
      • Click Select From Map
        • Drag green rectangle to edit tile dimensions
        • Drag green square to edit tile count
      • Confirm the Selection
    • Click OK to save configurations
  • Build tab > Build
    • Select the new build
    • Save project and run build
  • Note: Build may take several minutes depending on scene size and complexity

Importing to Unreal:

  • Open a new project in Unreal
  • Import all Conform built clutterculture, and flight obj
  • Drag obj into viewport
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