Export to Cesium

Conform Use Case

Use Case Overview

The Conform user creates a 3D city scene and exports the scene to Cesium file format. Once the scene is created, the user configures general build options and Cesium tile dimensions. The completed product is imported and viewed in a local web server.

Functions Showcased

  • Create a 3D city scene in Conform
  • Configure a Cesium build and select tiles from map
  • Export to Cesium file format
  • Launch local web server and inspect 3D scene

Additional Functions

  • Upload Cesium formatted files to perferred webhost
  • Export Ground Texture Source as Procedural Ground Texture
  • Build to OpenFlight or Wavefront OBJ output formats for simulations and game engines


Demo Procedure

Generate Conform City Scene:

  • Display polygon layer as Buildings
  • Assign building Height to Source Attribute
  • Select random building texture scheme (PMGS)
  • Display polyline layer as Enhanced Roads
  • Customize lanes and style (city, suburban, highway, etc.)


Configure the Build:

  • Under Build drop box select Build Configurations
  • General Settings
    • Select Add and Name build
    • Define file Output Root
    • Choose Ground Texture Source
    • Manipulate various general settings
  • Tile Organization
    • Select from Map
      • Click green corner to edit Tile Count
      • Drag green edges to alter Tile Dimensions
  • Output Formats
    • Select Add and choose Cesium


Build and View the Cesium Scene:

  • Select Build and launch desired build
  • Open Cesium folder created in previously designated location
  • Run start_server.bat
  • Run view_server.bat  or open web browser and navigate to localhost:8571
  • Inspect Conform generated Cesium scene
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