Elevation Editor

Conform Use Case

Use Case Overview

Conform’s Elevation Editor tool is employed to maintain an existing Digital Elevation Model (DEM). The user removes elevation errors and updates an existing dataset to reflect new physical features created during park development.


Functions Showcased

  • Edit DEMs in 2D and 3D
  • Raise, lower, and smooth surfaces free hand in Brush Mode
  • Elevate Areas of raster with newly digitized or imported polygons
  • Undo editing errors
  • Save raster edits

Additional Functions

  • Import any grayscale image to use as editing brush
  • Apply unique textures to surfaces
  • Create High Resolution Insets and edit intricate features
  • Export insets


Demo Procedure

Remove Errors From DEM:

  • Import the original DEM and navigate to the area of interest
  • Add orthoimagery and identify area of DEM with elevation errors
  • Enter Brush Mode and selects the smooth elevation setting
    • Brush the area Smooth in 3D, reassigning pixel values based on average elevation inside the brush kernel


Update DEM With New Physical Features:

  • Select Elevation Editor
  • Create Level Foundation
    • Select Elevate Area tool
    • Establish edited areas using imported polygon layer with Selected Features
    • Define extent of leveled ground: level_ground.shp
    • Perform Average of Border method
    • Function averages the elevation of the vertices that define the polygon and assigns this value to all encompassed pixels
    • Clean the edges of the level surface in 2D in Brush Mode


  • Create Ponds Features
    • Select Elevate Area tool
    • Define extent of ponds: ponds.shp
    • Perform Fixed Elevation method
    • Function elevates area to value defined by the user






Enhance Visualization and Save Elevation Edits:

  • Drape polygons over DEM and imagery in 3D
  • Save Changes to Elevation Layer
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