Geospecific Building Texture Editor

Conform Use Case

Use Case Overview

The Conform user will apply street level imagery as texture for a building model. Aerial imagery will be utilized as rooftop texture for all building models in the footprint vector layer. The imagery draped building models can be exported to game engine and simulation formats.

Functions Showcased

  • Import building footprints and create 3D building models
  • Implement Building Texture Editor to wrap models with imagery
  • Drape aerial imagery as rooftops for 3D models

Related Features


Demo Procedure

Import Data and Launch 3D Preview:

  • Drag building vector base layer into Conform Project Browser
  • Open layer Properties
  • Check box Use Data Table Column to Determine Height
  • Set Height Column to source attribute
  • Select model generation scheme
  • Launch 3D Preview


Apply Imagery to Building Models:

  • Select building footprint polygon
  • Right click and Apply Building Texture
  • Chose side to apply imagery
  • Select source image file
  • In Source Image Window
    • Match polygon frame vertices with corners of building face
    • Zoom in for precision and accuracy
  • Repeat process for remaining sides


Aerial Imagery as Rooftop Texture:

  • Select building footprint Layer Properties
  • Check Use Terrain Imagery for Building Roofs
  • This feature applys imagery as the rooftops of every building model rendered from the building footprint vector layer
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