Ruin was funded by SFC Paul Ray Smith Simulation and Training Technology Center, Army RDECOM/STTC and is provided with Government Purpose Rights. STTC POC: Julio de la Cruz.

Being able to animate the destruction of models (e.g., buildings and bridges) has been a major challenge for the modeling and simulation industry. Most solutions pre-create the damage states of models during database generation. The image generator (IG) swaps model versions at appointed times and hopes no one was paying close attention at that particular instant.  Ruin creates an IG-independent module that will allow physics-based, visually pleasing animations between healthy and damaged representations.

Ruin is made up of two parts, Destruction Animation SDK and Ruin Editor.

The destruction SDK allows the user playback destruction animations in real time. Animations can come from recorded destructions or real time destructions which allow for interaction during playback. The SDK also handles the playback of the effects generated during the simulation and supports user replacement of the different rendering components.

The Ruin Editor allows for the user to import static source model data and apply various cutting methods to the data to generate new pieces that are added to the simulation. The simulation can then be configured by adding explosives and constraints as well as particle effects. The simulation parameters can then be adjusted until the desired look is achieved. Once the simulation construction has finished it can be saved out to a an internal Ruin format for playback or exported to FBX.


The Developer SDK allows users to integrate Ruin into their IG. Ruin can be integrated in the following manners:

  • Playback of pre-computed destruction animations.
  • Real-time, physics-based simulation of destruction.
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