Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC)

GameSim provides ongoing research and development support to the United States Army Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC), with a focus on research related to Synthetic Natural Environments (SNE). GameSim’s research is alligned with the STTC mission to enhance warfighter readiness through research and development of applied simulation technologies for learning, training, testing and mission rehearsal.


Ruin Product Page

Ruin was funded by SFC Paul Ray Smith Simulation and Training Technology Center, Army RDECOM/STTC and is provided with Government Purpose Rights. STTC POC: Julio de la Cruz. Being able to animate the destruction of models (e.g., buildings and bridges) has been a major challenge for the modeling and simulation industry. Most solutions pre-create the damage states of models during database generation. The image generator (IG) swaps model versions at appointed times and hopes no one was paying close attention at that particular instant. Ruin creates an IG-independent module that will allow physics-based, visually pleasing animations between healthy and damaged representations.


Procedural Model Generation Service (PMGS)

PMGS Product Page

GameSim is researching a Procedural Model Generation Service (PMGS) that will provide high quality models to external simulation systems without the need for a large hand-created art library. PMGS will accomplish this by generating 3D models procedurally on-demand. PMGS will focus on generating distinct 3D models for buildings, vehicles, and life forms.

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