EA Origin

EA Origin

GameSim offers ongoing co-developer support for Origin, and developer support for Origin Mac. GameSim engineers work as integrated development partners on the PC and Mac platforms.


GameSim plays technical leadership roles in each release of the Origin client, since version 8.3, and regularly polishes the client for release through planning and preparation with the EA Origin team. This is done through daily interactions between EA and the GameSim team dedicated to working on Origin. Through this communication, GameSim is able to offer well rounded user support for clients.

Origin Mac – Developer

GameSim was contracted by the Origin team to build a native Mac version of the Origin client from the PC version of Origin. GameSim successfully ported all of the Windows specific logic to work with both Mac and PC, creating a single, shared code base for both platforms. This includes designing and implementing the in-game overlay of the Origin Mac client

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