Nova Technologies

Founded in 1997, Nova Technologies is a diversified, high-technology company and an industry leader in providing support for training Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps warfighters worldwide. GameSim has provided both engineering and art support to Nova Technologies on multiple projects.

Terrain Database Conversion Tool

In 2009, NOVA Technologies needed a solution for getting OpenFlight terrain databases into BreakAway’s game engine, Mosbe. GameSim was contracted to design a tool that could take an OpenFlight terrain database and convert it into the source formats that BreakAway’s system can ingest. The tool was prototyped and proven successful using a dense database of Barstow (generated by ARA).

Open Flight Formatter & Physion Content Development

GameSim assisted in creating a process for converting OpenFlight databases, provided by SE Core, to Havok Vision meshes to be used by Nova Technologies. OpenFlight’s terrain has fundamental differences from Havok Vision’s format. Due to GameSim’s diverse experience with terrain databases and modeling and simulation, we were able to address these issues and provide a solution. This involved a GameSim engineer determining where processing errors occurred within OpenFlight data and providing input on how they should be addressed. In addition, GameSim highlighted areas of concern to Nova Technologies and Havok, including performance and functionality issues. After identifying specific areas, GameSim assisted in debugging and resolving the content.

Nova’s physion(TM) IG

In addition to terrain database engineering support, GameSim provided the following art support:

  • Texturing
  • Modeling
  • UV’s
  • Model Clean-up
  • Texture Clean-up
  • Basic Rigging
  • Basic Animation
  • Import/Export Asset testing
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