Electronic Arts (EA) Sports

GameSim provides ongoing co-developer support for EA Sports titles, including Madden NFL, NBA Live, and NCAA Football.

Our work includes, but is not limited to, console development, rendering features, mobile, tools, animation, art, and UI for various EA Sports titles.

Madden NFL


GameSim performed the art and engineering work for the client side of the Madden CoachGlass Application.


Madden Ultimate Team (MUT)

GameSim assists in the development of Madden Ultimate Team game mode.


Connected Careers Mode

In Connected Career Mode (CCM), users may choose to be a game created player of their making, or a real life player, which includes hall-of-fame and retired players. The online component of Connected Career Mode allows a user and up to 31 friends to play as different players and coaches in the same league, which allows each league to have their player’s personal stories play out together.


Connected Careers Mode Continued

Free agents, scouting, and the draft are all integrated into Madden CCM. Drafts take place in the same fashion of fantasy football drafts, with each draft being conducted live among all league participants.

CCM is able to take into account the different roles that a player will take on in their career. For example, if a player is a backup quarterback to Jay Cutler, CCM will track the opportunities for him to improve each week during practice. Practices are a series of events that a player takes part in to practice their skills, such as coming back from a deficit at different points in the game. The experience awarded varies based on the difficulty for each player, and they will always have the choice to play a full game. This system allows a rookie the same opportunities that a professional NFL player is given in the same position, without discounting their levels and experience. Each player has the opportunity to do something every week to improve their skills and receive experience points.

The in-game virtual twitter feed is populated by ESPN and NFL Network personalities based on what occurs in a user’s league. For instance, if a high draft pick player has been worked out by a coach, Adam Schefter or other NFL Insiders Twitter streams will display the information and tip off the rest of the league as to what a user’s plans are for the next game.

Users may create an offline single player CCM if they are interested in taking their coach or player up against CPU only competition. Additionally, they can set up a solo online career that is set to private and allows only one entrant. In this mode, players are still able to take part in the online features—this includes a Facebook page and Twitter account that will auto-publish fictitious developments for their league.

The social media component is able to provide users with a fully interactive and immersive gameplay experience. GameSim was able to auto-create Facebook and Twitter accounts that auto-published league updates, which could be followed by the user’s personal social media profiles. This allows Madden players to continually be involved in the league, even when they are away from their computers.

Draft Champions

GameSim assists in the development of the Draft Champions game mode.


GameSim was contracted by the Madden NFL 14 team to provide expertise in rendering development to take advantage of the capabilities of the Gen4 platforms, including optimization and performance analysis of existing rendering code. This development includes weather effects on the playing field, as well as surrounding areas, developing new lighting parameters in the lighting tool while integrating them into the game, implementing different lighting models, and parallax occlusion mapping.

NBA Live

NBA Live 19

GameSim was contracted by the NBA Live team to develop online and UI features that supported pre-existing and new game modes. Our engineers integrated a new matchmaking system for better User Experience and also improved it by decreasing user input latency in online play.

NBA Live 18

GameSim developed Connected Franchise Mode features for multi-year NBA League Simulation and supported online client development for Multi-User Online Play.


GameSim created production animations for NBA Live from raw MoCap data source. GameSim used industry leading tools for this project, including MotionBuilder 13 and Maya 13. The key work performed was the locomotion of the NBA game characters, ensuring the moves look natural and fluid; the second part of the animation project included animating the hands and facial features for each scene.

NCAA Football

Online Dynasty Mode

In Dynasty Mode, players are able to select their favorite team, play their games, recruit future stars, and make a run at championship games. GameSim assisted in bringing the standard Dynasty Mode features online, allowing users to play against friends or strangers for an enjoyable online experience.

With the success of Online Dynasty Mode, GameSim was asked to assist in the server side development of NCAA Ultimate Team. This development is usually done in C++, but has also included some web-development using JavaScript and Flash/ActionScript.

NCAA Ultimate Team (NFUT)

GameSim assists in the development of NCAA’s Ultimate Team game mode.

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