Electronic Arts Global Online Services

EA Global Online Services is an internal development projects for online services that are used by all EA titles. GameSim provides engineering support on a diverse set of projects for this department.

Application Server Development

Since 2010, the central online development team within Electronic Arts (EA) has contracted GameSim to perform a variety of development tasks related to the application server. This C++ development has ranged in scope from adding LUA scripting support (used ultimately by the game teams to create automated tests) to supporting new back-end database connectors.



In 2010, a number of Electronic Arts (EA) game teams were expressing interest in supporting in-game instant messaging. Therefore, the Global Online Services (GOS) group, a central team within EA that provides general online features to all of the titles, decided it should create a generic instant messaging library that all game teams could utilize.

The process started by having GameSim work closely with EA for a couple weeks to pin down an exact set of requirements that both believed would fulfill the needs of game teams. It was identified that the library would follow the XMPP standard, be implemented in C++, and must be functional on PC, Linux, Xbox 360, PS3 and the Wii. The library was later ported to work on Xbox One and PS4.

WebKit Support

GameSim provides development support to EA for building and running WebKit on Generation 3 and Generation 4 consoles.


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