Cubic is primarily engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, integration, and sustainment of high technology systems, products, and services for government and commercial customers. GameSim provides a large team of engineers to Cubic to assist with development needs.

Littoral Combat Ship Mission Bay Trainer

GameSim assisted Cubic in the initial development of the simulation trainer for the deployment and recovery of mini-subs, known as Remote Multi Mission Vehicles (RMMV), for the Littoral Combat Ship Mission Bay Trainer (LCS MBT). These RMMVs are unmanned, remote controlled submarines used to hunt mines after launching from a larger ship. GameSim provided Unreal Engine expertise with the conversion process and completion of the simulator.

GameSim engineers were able to ensure that internal simulation libraries worked with the Unreal 4 engine, allowing the use of Unreal’s camera system, actor system, user input, and an overlay HUD text system.

Additionally, a hands-on understanding of the RMMV crane equipment controls allowed for behavioral and mathematical adjustments to be implemented by GameSim. These alterations to the behavior adjusted how the crane would lift and move the RMMV from the ships bay and into the ocean, as well as the return process. This was done by physically assessing the input devices and interacting with the simulation projection located on-site. GameSim engineers added support for transparently converting between the incompatible coordinate spaces used by Cubic’s internal framework, Unreal 4, and Cubic’s third party physical simulation middleware. Work was also performed on the Instructor Operator Station (IOS) GUI. This work primarily consisted of virtual panel adjustments used to simulate and reflect the physical panels that control the RMMV and the ship’s crane, and was completed in conjunction with behavioral and mathematical adjustments.


GameSim engineers integrated a complex, real-time wave simulation to provide increased realism of the water surface. GameSim performed extensive modifications to the simulation to make it compatible with the Unreal engine.

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