CAE is a global leader in providing comprehensive training solutions based on world-leading simulation technology and integrated training services. CAE has the broadest global reach of any simulation and training equipment and services company on the market. GameSim provides engineering assistance on multiple CAE prime contracts with the Department of Defense.

CCTT DB Conversion

GameSim engineers have extensive experience working with terrain database conversions. CAE Professional Services approached GameSim to convert the CCTT P11 E2 STF into their AcuScene IG’s run-time format. Using existing GameSim technology, GameSim was able to support this conversion for fixed fee in a 30 day contract.

AcuScene DI Guy Integration

AcuScene is an Image Generator owned by CAE. DI Guy is a run-time module that supports fully animated characters and is owned by Boston Dynamics. CAE contract GameSim in 2011 to add support for DI Guy to AcuScene in support of BAE’s COFT system.

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