Bioware is a Canadian video game developer founded in 1995 that is currently owned by Electronic Arts. The company specializes in role-playing video games and has become famous for launching highly praised and successfully licensed franchises. GameSim provides engineering support to multiple franchises.

Mass Effect 3

GameSim was contracted by BioWare to configure the online gameplay matchmaking component for Mass Effect 3. This feature requires players to be matched up based on a variety of factors, including DLC, skill level, overall game experience, and player style. GameSim was in charge of defining the rules of the multiplayer games and utilized heuristics in order to ensure the best end results.

GameSim added rules to create matchups of players with similar playing times and styles, i.e. casual gamers versus fluent gamers, which provided an online gameplay environment for players that was balanced. Additionally, GameSim implemented a rule to prevent same server matchups if a player were to quit a match and re-enter the queue to join another. This provides users with an environment where they are able to control where they go and what fits their personal preferences.

Dragon Age Inquisition

GameSim assisted in the development of a server based system for storing game content.


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