Advanced Research Associates (ARA)

ARA is an employee-owned scientific research and engineering company founded in 1979 and dedicated to producing innovative solutions that tackle critical national problems in National Security, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment, and Health Solutions. GameSim provides engineering support services to ARA’s prime prime contract with the United States Department of Defense.


In support of Applied Research Associates’ (ARA) prime contract with RDECOM on the Shared Architecture for Dynamic Environment (SHADE) program, GameSim was contracted to assist development.

Specifically, GameSim added the capability to SHADE to support the Virtual Simulation Architecture (VSA) Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) (VDIS) protocol, focused on the dynamic environment Protocol Data Units (PDU). This allows SHADE to interoperate with VDIS compliant systems, such as CCTT and AVCATT.

For more information on SHADE watch the video below:

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