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is a premier service for civil engineers, urban planners, and transportation professionals. Our team of highly adaptable designers, artists, and engineers can start from scratch, or utilized your GIS and CAD data to create dynamic visualizations and applications that will leave lasting impressions.

GameSim visualization products include:

Any Given Environment

A high-quality synthetic environment is an important tool for project development. GameSim can create impactful visualizations for large project areas (e.g., an entire city) to small projects (e.g., a town square), including accurate building interiors from Building Information Modeling (BIM). Beyond building the environment, GameSim can create complete stories and interactive experiences to educate decision makers and the public on the benefits of any proposed development.

“Does a really good job of illustrating some of the challenges we deal with as we build our trains, our road trains or locals, on a daily basis.” CSX Moves

Cindy Sanborn

Executive Vice President-Operations, CSX Corporation

Advantages of Project Visualization

  • Translate plans and data into comprehensive and engaging media
  • Gain support from the local community and decision makers
  • Strengthen proposal and grant applications with professional renderings and interactive experiences
  • Create a memorable first impression
  • Maintain an always up-to-date 3D visualization of your community. Integrate planned developments into the scene as part of your master planning process.
  • View zoning and ordinance implications


Beautiful, accurate, high resolution images for proposals, presentations, and publications. Gain community and decision-maker support through Project Visualization renders.

Whether starting from scratch or existing civil engineering assets, GameSim will deliver polished images that will build excitement for your development.

These sample images are from the City of Goleta Bikeway Project.

Geodesign Applications

Integrate 3D environments into new or existing geodesign application workflows to maintain an always up-to-date view of your community. Build stakeholder excitement by incorporating games, simulations, and interactive experiences. Platforms: Mobile (iOS and Android), Web, and PC/Mac Desktop.

The sample applications below are from the City of Goleta Bikeway Project.

Story-based Videos

GameSim will build polished videos that tell a story of how a proposed development will improve your community.

These videos help stakeholders understand the importance of funding the proposed development, and how it will improve lives in your community.

This sample video is from the City of Goleta Bikeway Project.

Data Simulation

Bring simulations to life and present solutions to stakeholders in a dynamic and realistic format. GameSim will fuse simulation data, 3D models, imagery, and more to visualize real-time solutions in the environment your stakeholders are familiar with.

GameSim also develops Technical and Training Simulations for government and industry.

This sample is a visualization of a Vissim traffic simulation, animated and rendered in the Unreal game engine.

Synthetic Environments

Fully fused environments ready for use in game engines, simulations, and VR applications. GameSim can produce geotypical and geospecific environments incorporating procedurally modeled buildings, high-fidelity roads, landmark Hero Buildings, city furniture, foliage, and more.

Deliverable formats include FBX, OBJ, OpenFlight, Cesium, and other 3D formats. Conform exported terrain tiles may be built at multiple levels of detail to support LOD streaming in game engines and simulations.

Crisis Management

When dealing with a crisis it is optimal for decision makers to have an accurate, high quality, and up to date 3D visualization of the environment. Not only will GameSim generate and maintain that environment, it will also integrate a visualization client (e.g., web-based, collaborative application) into your existing infrastructure.

GameSim can integrate your live data feeds into that client to provide a real-time visual of your developing situation.

Pricing for Project Visualization

GameSim provides an individualized proposal for each project. Pricing is dependent on desired level of fidelity, area of interest, and quality of source data among many other variables. The our team will gather the details of your project to build your proposal. This includes all datasets and descriptions you are able to provide (e.g, GIS and CAD). Please email or call GameSim with your project details for a proposal. GameSim is located in Orlando, FL and Santa Barbara, CA to support in person meetings.

The GameSim team uses its proprietary application Conform, along with industry leading GIS tools and commercial game engines, such as Unity, to build your Project Visualization. GameSim uses the agile development process Scrum to create your visualization media. This tight integration with GameSim designers, artists, and engineers will ensure that the final product will achieve your purposes.

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