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Contact: J.J. Moran

                                GameSim To Conduct Training Course at GEOINT 2015

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GameSim’s tool Conform building a Game Engine Environment from GeoINT data.

Washington, D.C. – GameSim Inc, provider of products and services to the entertainment, modeling & simulation, and geospatial industries, will be teaching a course at GEOINT 2015 Symposium on building environments for game engines from geospatial intelligence datasets. Game Engines can provide a powerful, low-cost framework for rapidly developing intelligence, simulation, and situational awareness applications. While the benefits of using game engines are evident to many in the GEOINT community, the process has been hampered by the difficulty of building environments for those game engines.

On June 23rd, GameSim will be providing a course, Game Engines: The Next Step in Simulation with GEOINT Data. This course will be provided for GEOINT attendees and will focus on game engines and their relationship with GEOINT datasets. By the end of the course attendees will recognize (1) industry leading game engines, (2) how to fuse GeoINT datasets, and (3) how to build and test the game engine environments.

“GameSim has been constructing game engine environments from GEOINT datasets for military simulation, gaming, and urban planning purposes for years,” said J.J. Moran, GameSim Geospatial Engineer. “It will be great to bring an understanding of our pipelines to the GEOINT community.”

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GameSim products and services target the needs of the entertainment, modeling & simulation, and geospatial industries. GameSim engineers, designers, and artists maintain a customer-centric focus throughout the entire project lifecycle. Within the video game industry, GameSim can provide full game development services to publishers or work as a co-developer for other studios. Additionally, GameSim self-publishes products, bringing games directly to players. GameSim’s geospatial terrain tool, Conform, is the fastest product on the market for importing and fusing geospatial datasets to produce high-quality visualizations of the environment. Conform is used for military simulation, entertainment, urban planning, virtual worlds, and crisis management. Within the modeling & simulation industry, GameSim primes contracts with the government, as well as subcontracting to partner companies.

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