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Contact: Andrew Tosh

GameSim Selected by the US Navy for Phase II of Small Business Innovation Research Award

Orlando, FL – GameSim Inc, provider of products and services to the entertainment, modeling & simulation, and geospatial industries, was selected by the US Navy NAVAIR for the Phase I Option and Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). This award comes after GameSim successfully researched and developed a prototype during the Phase I of the SBIR topic Distributed Synthetic Environment Correlation Assessment Architecture and Metrics.

As the Navy moves towards integrating flight simulators into common training environments, the importance of having a correlated, correct environmental representation is vital for achieving a fair fight and a high training value. In Phase I, GameSim proved out the architecture by creating a functional prototype called Validate. Validate is integrated as a plugin into GameSim’s geospatial visualization product, Conform. In Phase II GameSim will further enhance the prototype through additional Development and Interoperability Research, culminating in a Fielding Study.

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Elevation comparison of NPSI data against an IG over CIGI.

“We are excited for the opportunity to continue working with the Navy on this important research topic,” said GameSim President, Andrew Tosh. “It is great to see how our technology can be adapted to meet the needs of the Navy.”

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GameSim products and services target the needs of the entertainment, modeling & simulation, and geospatial industries. GameSim engineers, designers, and artists maintain a customer-centric focus throughout the entire project lifecycle. Within the video game industry, GameSim can provide full game development services to publishers or work as a co-developer for other studios. Additionally, GameSim self-publishes products, bringing games directly to players. GameSim’s geospatial terrain tool, Conform, is the fastest product on the market for importing and fusing geospatial datasets to produce high-quality visualizations of the environment. Conform is used for military simulation, entertainment, urban planning, virtual worlds, and crisis management. Within the modeling & simulation industry, GameSim primes contracts with the government, as well as subcontracting to partner companies.

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