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                                                                 Army Contracting Command awards GameSim an OTA

Orlando, FL – The Army Contracting Command (ACC) in support of PEO STRI has awarded GameSim an OTA (Other Transaction Authority) to research the development of deep learning techniques to extract attribution from point clouds of individual structures, especially buildings.

GameSim has deep expertise in procedurally generating game quality synthetic environments from geospatial data sets. GameSim’s technology Conform and the Procedural Model Generation System (PMGS) are foundational technologies that currently play an important role in developing high quality synthetic environments for the military simulation & training, urban planning, and game industries. PMGS is able to create detailed building models from attribution, include the generation of interiors.

The research executed under this OTA will allow more geospecific attributes to be extracted from point clouds in order to ultimately produce a more accurate and higher fidelity synthetic environment. These attributes include door/window locations, material types, and roof types. “We are excited about furthering the development of our synthetic environment generation technology,” said President of GameSim, Andrew Tosh. “This research will result in environments that more closely match ground truth, while still maintaining high visual quality.”

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Figure 1: Images of models built from PMGS scripts and rendered in the game engine Unreal. Feeding detailed attributes to these scripts, such as the building material, color, aperture locations, would facilitate a more geospecific environment.

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About GameSim – GameSim products and services target the needs of the entertainment, modeling & simulation, and geospatial industries. GameSim engineers, designers, and artists maintain a customer-centric focus throughout the entire project lifecycle. Within the video game industry, GameSim provides full game development services to publishers or works as a co-developer for other studios. Within the modeling & simulation industry, GameSim primes contracts with the government, as well as subcontracting to partner companies. Finally, for the geospatial industry, GameSim develops visualizations and simulations for civil engineering, urban planning, situational awareness, and intelligence applications. GameSim’s geospatial terrain tool, Conform, is the fastest product on the market for importing and fusing geospatial datasets to produce high-quality visualizations of synthetic environments, which is used in each of GameSim’s targeted industries.

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