VCDR Error Navigation ToolΒΆ

  1. Locate the VCDR Error Navigation Tool icon in the Main Toolbar.
  2. Enter a path to the output folder in the VCDR Results - Select Directory window. This path should contain one or more File Geodatabase folders.
  3. Errors will be processed by the tool and displayed one at a time.
  4. From the Filters section, choose between the Error Type or Status dropdown menus. This will restrict the number of features to what has been indicated.
  5. To navigate errors, use the < and > buttons.

Tip: Navigation between errors can also be done pressing Ctrl+A and Ctrl+D.


The two features related to the error are displayed beneath the relevant details of the error. The attributes for the two features are displayed on the right side of the window.

Changes can be made to the features, as long as the layer is editable. This can be done by clicking the Edit icon next to the Feature.