Mouse Modes

Mouse Modes in Conform provide a variety of funtions in the 2D Map. They function as radio buttons, meaning that only one option can be selected at a time.

0300000C Pan and Zoom – User can pan the map using a click and drag method. User is able to zoom using the scroll wheel of a mouse.

0300000D Select Features – User is able to select a rectangular portion of the map using a click and drag method. Selections will be outlined.

0300000E Edit Tool – User is able to toggle this function to edit layers, building locations, polygons, etc.

0300000F Vertex Edit Tool – Toggles the vertices for polygons to be edited and adjusted.

ruler Measurement Tool – Users can measure distances and areas by drawing lines and polygons over the map view.

information Feature Identify – User is able to identify a feature from within the 2D Map.