Map ScaleΒΆ

To set the scale:

  1. Press the Map Scale button in the status bar.
  1. Select from the pre-defined scale values by using the drop-down arrow and pressing OK.
  2. You may also enter a custom value by entering it manually and pressing OK.


The scale feature shows the relationship between physical screen size and a length displayed on the map. For example, if the scale reads 1:10k, then you can assume that for every 1 linear unit physically represented on your screen, there are 10,000 of the same linear units on the map. This measurement is independent of units, meaning that all linear units are applicable. So a length of 1 inch on your monitor would represent 10,000 inches on the map; 1 foot would represent 10,000 feet, and so on. It has the same relationship you would find on a physical paper map.