3D Areal and Linear Vertex Edting

Layers must Editing Existing Layers in order to perform 3D areal and linear vertex edits.

Enter 3D Preview.

Tip: At any time, edits can be undone by pressing the escape key.

To enter vertex editing mode hold ctrl and double click on the feature in the 3D Preview window.


To Move a Vertex

Existing vertices will appear as a larger, bright green circles.

  1. Left click and drag the desired vertex.

Tip: Once selected, a vertex will be highlighted yellow.


To Add a Vertex

Vertices that can be added will appear as smaller, dark green circles.

  1. Left click on the desired vertex.
  2. The vertex will remain in this location unless dragged by the user.

To Delete a Vertex

  1. Left click the desired vertex. The vertex will appear yellow.
  2. Press the delete key.

Committing Changes

  1. Double click outside of the feature or press the space bar.

This temporarily commits the feature while in editing mode, but does not save. To save the changes, follow the Saving Changes steps.