2D/3D Elevation Editing

Modifications can be performed to elevation raster layers using various brush types. This can be done in both the 2D Map and 3D Preview.

Selecting a Brush & Brush Properties

  1. Select the desired layer in the Project Browser.
  2. Right click and select Start Editing Elevation.
  3. The Elevation Editor panel will appear.
  • Select a brush from Brush Properties.
  • Select a Brush Mode from the dropdown. Brush modes are described below.
  • Set a Brush Size. The brush size determines the area of impact for edits.
  • Set a Brush Opacity. The opacity determines the level of impact for edits. A lower opacity results in a less significant change in elevation while a higher opacity results in a more significant change in elevation.

2D Editing Properties

These properties are only applicable to the 2D Map view.

  1. Smooth Elevation enables bi-linear filtering which smoothly blends between adjacent pixels in the elevation raster. With the option disabled, the 2D Map will display the raw pixel data view of the elevation raster.

    • Note: This option only affects how the data is presented on the 2D Map and has no affect on how the data is written when saved.
  2. Show Raster Grid Overlay will overlay a grid on the elevation raster. Each cell of the grid represents a single pixel in the source elevation raster.

    • Note: Enabling this option may affect performance when panning and zooming.
  3. Grid Opacity controls the opacity of the grid.

Tip: New brushes can be installed by clicking Manage Brush Paths and then using the Add... or Remove options in the Manage Brush Paths dialog.


Elevation Editor panel

2D Editing Mouse Mode

If at any point you exit the 2D Editing Mouse Mode, you will no longer be able to make edits on the 2D Map. You can re-enter the mode by clicking on the following icon in the panel.


Brush Modes

  • Raise will add elevation to the painted area.

  • Lower will remove elevation from the painted area.

  • Set Elevation will apply a fixed elevation to the painted area.

    • Middle clicking on the mouse will sample the elevation at the position of the mouse cursor in both the 2D Map and 3D Preview. Alternatively, you can manually enter the desired elevation value into the Elevation field of the Elevation Editor panel.

Brush Painting

The brush cursor will appear as a brush on the 2D Map and on the 3D Preview’s terrain skin, indicating the editing position, brush size, and brush opacity. The way the terrain surface is affected is controlled by the settings indicated in Brush Properties.

To start Brush Painting:

  1. Hold Ctrl and the left mouse button.
  2. Drag the brush indicator to paint on the terrain skin.
  3. The specified Brush Mode will determine the action that occurs in 3D Preview.

To change the Brush Size:

  1. Use the Brush Size slider in the Elevation Editor or hold Ctrl while using the mouse’s scroll wheel. Applies to 2d Map and 3D Preview.

To change the Brush Opacity:

  1. Use the Brush Opacity slider in the Elevation Editor or hold Alt while using the mouse’s scroll wheel. Applies to 2d Map and 3D Preview.

Tip: Click Undo Last Operation in the Elevation Editor panel to undo the last brush operation.


2D Map Elevation Editing (Grid and Smoothing Enabled)


3D Preview Elevation Editing