Conform - 3D Geospatial Application

Build, Visualize, Edit, and Export rich 3D Environments for Urban Planning, Simulations, and Games.

3D Geospatial Software for fusing, visualizing, editing, and exporting beautiful 3D environments for urban planning, simulations, and games.

Build your 3D scene from GIS features, digital elevation models, point-clouds, and imagery without being a GIS expert or software engineer. Conform does not require any programming.

Create high quality images directly from Conform, or export the scene into open formats for game engines, simulations, and geodesign applications.

Urban Planning / Civil Engineering

Use Conform to build 3D environments for your current and planned developments. The constructed environments are used to create beautiful images and videos, as well as integrated into interactive, web-based geodesign applications.


Conform is used to build game engine environments, such as Unity, as well as virtual environments used in film and television productions.

Modeling & Simulation

Conform is actively used by US Army and US Navy programs to generate and validate terrain databases for military simulation and training.

Key Features

  • Easy to use 3D geospatial application to build cities, does not require GIS or programming expertise
  • Fast importing of large amounts of data
  • Instantaneous 3D View
  • Exporting into interchanges formats for game-engines, simulations, and geodesign applications
  • Procedural building generation, without having to write custom scripts
  • Procedural ground texturing and smart 3D model scattering (Developed as cooperative research between Raydon Corporation and GameSim)
  • Place geospecific 3D models
  • 2D and 3D vector and elevation editing
  • Import/View point-clouds (e.g., LiDAR)
  • Import/View Full Motion Video (FMV)

Procedural Ground Texturing

Export for Game Engines

Procedural Model Generation

Simple 2D/3D Editing


License Agreement

Read the full license agreement for the trial and full version of Conform:

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